Development of the area on the right bank of the Kazanka River

Status :Competition | Year: 2021 |Type: Masterplan| Location : Kazan, Russia

The Masterplan occupies a unique site between Sibgat Hakim st. and Kazanka river. The goal of the project is to maximise urban and architectural diversity as well as spatial flexibility, and forming a pedestrian-friendly zone in order to form a new landmark for the city. Our site is right next to Kazanka river and provides visual accessibility (though limited) to the other landmarks around such as the Kremlin, Kremlin Dam, Millennium Bridge, Extreme Park, Kazan Family Center, etc. So what should our project’s characteristics be to fit into this area? There already is so much to see or watch, do we need something new to watch? What if our project could represent and emphasize the other already existing? or could it do both?

The required programmes lie within two volumes; one that contains the serviced apartments (in Lot 1) and the other that consists of hotels, SPA, restaurants, offices, hotel serviced apartments, congress hall ( in Lot 2) and they are connected by a market and are all under one volume but have their own separate entries, accesses and facilities.The facade (almost all of the outer skin) is reflective, representing the city to the fullest. This allows for maximum views (Direct or indirect) while maintaining flexible space for hotel/serviced apartments, office, and other programs. The buildings are unique in identity and material expression whilst relating to neighbouring Buildings and surrounding area.

This super block is characterized by a large interior Court/ void occupied by the semi-open market overlooking the city (through reflections), followed by the landscape which is a web of paths for bikers and pedestrians, connecting circular piers/ event spaces, coastal piers and observation ring which we call it a virtual pier, and open amphitheaters ( In connection with the Great Central Walking Alley, Horizon park concept).

The hotels, Hotel serviced apartments, and service apartments offer a wide variety of floorplans/ scales in order to attract different types of inhabitants. In addition to the main public court; Hotel serviced apartments and hotels have their own unique and private court. The execution of the masterplan is allowed for a phased development. The building that contains the hotels, restaurants, offices, hotel serviced apartments, congress and holds the semi-open market (retail) and the two parkings on both ends of the site are to be built first followed by the construction of the second building consisted of serviced apartments and their parkings on top and the retail zone consisted of closed market, bank, pharmacy,etc.

هدف این پروژه افزایش تنوع معماری و شهری علاوه بر انعطاف فضایی و محلی مناسب برای پیاده روی ضمن ایجاد یک لندمارک در شهر است. سایت در کنار رود کازانکا قرار دارد و ارتباط بصری هرچند محدود با سایت کاخ کرملین، پل میلنیوم ، اکستریم پارک و ... دارد. درخواست بریف طراحی هتل 5 ستاره، هتل 3 ستاره، ساختمان اداری، هتل آپارتمان، آپارتمان با خدمات کامل و بازار و طراحی لنداسکیپ مجموعه بود. در واقع اننظار می رفت درنهایت با مجموعه از برج ها رو برو باشیم. ما تلاش کردیم تا مسئله طراحی برج را به چالش بکشیم. لوبیوس وودز اعتقاد دارد در سراسر دنیا برج هایی با استفاده از تکنولوژِی ها، مصالح و روش های طراحی و اجرا تا ارتفاعی که پیش از این غیرممکن بوده است، ساخته می شوند که صرفا برج های نقطه ای هستند و به منظر شهری موجود توجهی ندارند. به همین دلیل با وجود استفاده از شکل های جذاب و پوسته های پیچیده به سرعت در حال تبدیل شدن به عام ترین واحد ساختمانی هستند. ما در این پروژه تصمیم گرفتیم تا چگونگی به هم پیوستگی طراحی مجموعه ای از پروژه ها را بررسی کنیم .نحوه ارتباطشان با هم و محیط اطراف چگونه خواهد بود؟ و این ارتباطات چگونه محیط شهری را تغییر خواهند داد؟

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