Logroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival

Status :Competition | Year: 2021 |Type: Installation | Location : Spain

The bank of the river is the land alongside a body of water. What if the bank of the river was not just a line?What if it was a series of points? What if those points came in different shapes? We added a series of follies (points) to the existing Ebro bank. Some are just decks, making it possible to wait and enjoy the scenery from an upper level that was not possible before. Some are little extensions to the path, extending and moving the bank to a new level and bringing it back again along the way. The follies don't come in a particular shape or with instruction, but they add new spatial qualities to the area and let the visitors decide what to do with and on the new additional surfaces.

How can we percept nature and its value without actually seeing it? In this area, we put a box in the middle of nature deprived of nature. A couple of vertical and rotating walls block the path to the other side. Visitors should spin the walls to find their way out. These walls are mirrors inside. As the visitors swirl them, they reflect an imaginative picture of inside and outside the box simultaneously, the emptiness and nature, different spatial qualities, and light plays. The wooden facade is in contrast to nature.

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